Gregory Rockson


Gregory Rockson is the co-founder and CEO of mPharma. mPharma is creating new business models to guarantee the availability and access to medications for patients across Africa. mPharma has developed supply chain software that enables us to implement vendor managed inventory for independent pharmacies across Africa. We work with Third Party Payers, Drug Manufacturers, Providers and Patients to reduce the price of medicines. Our commitment is that no patient will be denied access to the drugs they need if it is covered by mPharma. mPharma is present in Nigeria, Ghana and Zambia.

My Sessions

Building a pan-African business

Building a pan-African business has become a priority. Despite the numerous challenges, Africa remains one of the fastest-growing regions in the world. But what exactly do you need to build a successful pan-African business? Understanding local market dynamics? Skills required for success? A strong capability-driven strategy? This roundtable discussion with Gregory Rockson, Ian Carnevale and […]