Erikan Obotetukudo


I’m Erikan Obotetukudo (that’s air-ri-can o-boat et-ook oo-dough). Only a hustler can nail a name like that everyday. Major Key: Names are important.

Companies and brands come to me to expand their global footprint, grow strategic partnerships, and differentiate their value prop in new markets. For 4 years, I launched brands and institutional programs across 3 continents. Clients like Conde Nast, Exxon Mobile, Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, and UCSF have trusted my leadership and creativity. I’m currently at LinkedIn helping financial services companies use social selling to drive business.

I’m also a young griot (aka I tell stories). I take pride in unraveling the journeys of game-changing young people worldwide. To date, I’ve worked with Entrepreneur Media, NowThis, IKEA, and TED to drive the visibility of young people audaciously redefining the future. I started KIN to connect these amazing doers across 6 continents and bring together Fortune 100 company leaders, startups, investors, and global organizations.

My Sessions

Success secrets: building an unstoppable company and investor network using LinkedIn