Chris Schultz


Chris Schultz is an entrepreneur and angel investor on a mission to support rising startup ecosystems globally. He was born in Zaria, Nigeria, grew up in Nairobi, and invests in startups around the world that are solving real problems for real people and attacking large frontier technology markets. He is CEO of Launch Pad, a network of co-working spaces focused on building the strongest community connecting entrepreneurs, creatives and professionals

My Sessions

Making sense from the noise: Managing quality investment deal flow

When investing in a business, there are vital signs that tell you something is wrong. But you can only see these “red flags” when conducting your due diligence. There are a lot of signs that could potentially become red flags, but how do you identify the key ones you need to pay attention to and […]


What we look for when we invest

We all agree, starting a business could be expensive, which is why entrepreneurs seek funding from investors. But investors are not your regular lenders, they are smart, skeptical and diligent in reviewing whatever opportunity presented to them. If you decide you want to seek funding from them, how do you draw them in? And how […]