Chika Uwazie

Talent Base

I am called the connecter. I love connecting people and companies that are a match for each other.

Listed on 20 Must-Follow Women talking about the African Diaspora and 50 Africans You Should get to know for 2013

Spoke at Wharton African Business Conference and Lagos Social Media Week

Published in Human Capital magazine, Vanguard, and Forbes.

Started over 600 member Linkedin group, Young HR Professionals Nigeria

In my spare time I have done pro-bono work for startup companies to strategize their offline and online marketing efforts as well as streamline their operations. I have worked with startups such as Students Circle an educational social network, Nigerian Eagle and Njorku a job search engine for Africa.

My Sessions

Hiring and managing tech team as a non-technical founder

When a good number of people think about the tech industry, the first assumption is there has to be some coding involved. In that light, a great tech idea can come to a nontechnical person, but it can be a bit intimidating to go ahead with the idea if you can’t code. Because of this […]