Bertil van Vugt


Bertil is responsible for business development at VC4A, working with partners to design programs and promote their initiatives to the African startup community via the the VC4A.com https://vc4a.com/platform. Over the past decade Bertil gained content and technical experience while working in the African startup and media space in Kenya, South Africa, Ghana and other countries across the continent and has been involved with VC4A since the start in 2007 and joined the team 3 years ago. VC4A strengthens Africa’s startup community by connecting entrepreneurs creating innovative and scalable businesses with the knowledge, network and funding they require to succeed.

My Sessions

Investor Reverse Pitching

The norm is for entrepreneurs to pitch to investors for funding. It’s so common that there are numerous demo days just to pitch and raise money. But the reverse is already happening! Instead of entrepreneurs to pitch, investors now pitch to selected startups. The Reverse Pitch is fascinating and Bertil van Vugt deep dives into […]