Afua Osei

She Leads Africa

Afua Osei is a co-founder and digital guru of She Leads Africa, a community that helps young African women achieve their professional dreams. She’s been all over the world with her career serving as a Fulbright Scholar in Malaysia, working in the Office of First Lady Michelle Obama in the White House, and working on more than 6 different political campaigns as a strategy and communications consultant. She moved to Nigeria in 2012 to serve as a business and operations consultant at McKinsey & Co, advising large corporations and multinationals across 3 continents. She has a masters in public policy (MPP) and business administration (MBA) from the University of Chicago. When she’s not working, she’s probably still working or trying to get her hands on mango even when it’s not in season.


How to build and monetise online community

Many people and organizations are beginning to make great money from their online communities But how do you build an online community in the first place? What should your community be about? Where do you find the people to be part of your community? And importantly, how do you monetize it. This masterclass by Afua Osei, […]