Co-founder and Lead Counsel of The Longe Practice LP, (TLP), an entrepreneur focused law practice and Co-founder at, Odun likes to refer herself as a Lawver of entrepreneurs where Lawver = Lawyer + Lover.

She has a background in commercial and corporate law firm practice and immediately prior to founding TLP, worked for years as in-house counsel in the investment banking sector, providing dedicated legal advice in private equity, structured products, derivatives and asset management. In addition to her LLB from the Lagos State University and BL from the Nigerian Law School, Odun has a Masters in Law (Business Concentration) from Northwestern University School of Law and a Certificate in Business Administration from the Kellogg School of Management of Northwestern University. Odun is an avid follower of technology happenings and until recently, lived her alternate life vicariously through her clients. Now that she has co-founded, she is able to identify with and understand them better. She’s a foodie and loves meeting new people. Odun is a HiiL Innovating Justice Fellow