Deepankar is the founder and  general manager of VConnect, Nigeria. In his role, he oversees product development, management, engagement on and leads the company’s management team. VConnect is a local business search and review platform, providing a network for businesses to acquire and deeply engage with new customers.  

Deepankar is an engineer and an entrepreneur. He has a diploma in entrepreneurship from Haas School of Business, Berkeley. Although originally from India, he has lived in Nigeria for over 17 years.

VConnect started as an online business directory before it incorporate ecommerce in 2015 Q3.  The idea for VConnect began to take form in 2008 when Deepankar and a team of researchers were unable to find data on local businesses on the internet. It was then he assembled a team to fill in that gap in information.

Today, VConnect has more than 1.2 million registered businesses. VConnect registers 500 businesses everyday and is working to bring every organized business in Nigeria online, and help them reach more customer easily.